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Entry point

The main entry point for flights into Uganda is Entebbe International Airport (EBB) located near the town Entebbe, about 46km/29mi from the capital, Kampala. Uganda is a relatively compact country and further transportation within the country is usually done by vehicle. In most cases, your local tour operator will collect you from the airport or hotel and will arrange further transportation as part of your safari-package.


Safety and security

Uganda is safe to visit as a country, as the security situation has vastly improved in recent years. The National parks have always been considered safe destinations with maximum security, even more so your visit is primarily an organized safari. Many tourists visit Uganda every year, and most visits are trouble-free. As with many developing countries, however Ugandans in general are hospitable people and condemn any form crimes or violence. When taking normal safety precautions, Uganda can be considered a safe destination and for most general tourism.



IS VACCINE REQUIRED? COMPULSORY – YELLOW FEVER – RECOMMENDED – TYPHOID – – HEPATITIS A – – MALARIA TABLETS (NO VACCINE) – – YELLOW FEVER – COMPULSORY – HEPATITIS B – – RABIES – – MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGIT IS ACWY – – NHMRC ROUTINE VACCINES . OTHER HEALTH RISKS. Even if you are taking anti-malarials, you should still wear insect repellent, long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and closed shoes. This will also help protect you from other diseases carried by mosquitoes and other insects such as tsetse flies.


What's the weather like?

Uganda enjoys a tropical climate, though the heat is tempered by the altitude, as much of the country is more than 1000m above sea level. -Rainy seasons are from March to May, and September to November -Dry seasons are from December to February and mid June to mid August -Average temperatures range from about 16°C (61°F) in the southwestern highlands to 25°C (77°F) in the northwest; but in the northeast, temperatures exceed 30°C (86F).


Do I need a visa to enter Uganda?

For most nationalities, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland, 90-day tourist visas can be purchased on arrival at Entebbe airport for $50, or at the Ugandan Embassy in your home country prior to departure. – Your passport must be valid for at least six months following the date of entry. – As visa regulations change frequently, please check with the Ugandan Embassy in your country before departure.


How do I exchange cash

US dollars, UK pounds and Euros are accepted by UWA for gorilla/chimp tracking permits and park entry fees. Many larger hotels will also accept US dollars and Euros – though you should check in advance. – Note: All US dollars must be printed post-2003, and should not be damaged in any way. Higher exchange rates are given on larger value notes – Banks and Forex bureaus will exchange cash, alternatively you can use ATM machines – common in the major towns. They should accept Visa Debit and Credit cards.


Can I use credit or debit cards?

Visa is more widely accepted in city hotels and stores, followed by Mastercard. Other credit cards are unlikely to work. – Do not count on being able to use cards outside of Kampala. – Alert your bank before using your card abroad to avoid it being blocked.