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Basing on your interest, we shall customize and make the best of your African Safaris. We currently offer golfing/wildlife safaris. This is a memorable and special experiences from the golf course to the jungle with a very exciting early morning sun rise game drive in the wilderness. We will have the opportunity to play in the Uganda golf course. Uganda Golf Club is an 18-hole course set right in the heart of Kampala City. All Uganda golf courses have amenities including a driving range, as well as putting and chipping areas. In addition, there is a bar and restaurant to enjoy even when you just want to socialize.

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Welcome to Uganda home of the largest mountain gorillas and they are the most endangered. Uganda is the only three countries in the world where Mountain Gorillas exist. In Uganda, Mountain Gorilla tracking is the most popular tourism activity. No wonder, since from the number of them left in the world more than half can be found in Uganda. On the cold ground of a Ugandan forest for 60 minutes might be one of life’s greatest privileges. There are fewer than 900 mountain gorillas in existence, and gorilla trekking provides a rare opportunity to observe the everyday interactions of these gentle mysterious primates.


The Karamojong tribe/worrior in northern Uganda has a culture aggression, uncivilised and stubborn. They are cattle rustlers and have in the past stolen animals from people from the neighboring trip, with the belief all cattle belongs to them. Karamoja is populated by the Karamojong. Theirs is a society whose outward appearance resembles that of the Maasai pastoralists, who move their cattle around a tough landscape in search of grazing. Karamoja has a cattle culture and the Karamojong are notorious as cattle raiders. Unlike most other Ugandans, many Karamojong shun western-style clothes and instead wear "traditional" dress of a blanket -like shawl, often in red and black. The women wear elaborate beadwork. It’s worth an adventure visiting the tribe and learning their culture and way of life.


You can combine your safari and tours with a volunteering experience. This can best suite a family, groups or even single individual. You'll get a more immersive experience, and come away with an in-depth knowledge of people, cultures, and social problems. Dove Tree gives you an opportunity travel with a purpose and explore Africa while giving back to communities. Your safaris to Uganda can be customized based on your desires and interest. As you are traveling and enjoying your holidays, you will have planned days or hours depending on your travel package where you will help through volunteering or visitation in a school, Hospital, orphanage, wild life center or any relevant field that can suite your choice and this will be combined with wild life viewing


Uganda has got a lot to offer, including the big five safari animals which can be seen on a safari to Uganda in Murchison Falls National park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The big five safari animals are the Buffalo, African Elephant, African Leopard, African Lions and finally the Rhinoceros. They are referred to as the ‘Big five’ by the trophy hunters because they were the dangerous and hard to hunt animals. On a safari to Uganda, it is more sed as the 5 must see animals on safari.